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“One Click Apply” has made it possible for candidates, regardless of whether they’re qualified or not, to apply to any job, anywhere, with just the click of a button. This has created a tidal wave of unqualified applicants. However, even candidates who look qualified on a resume or LinkedIn pdf are only self attested in experience and skills. 

AI tools are going to make this far worse for recruiting teams as more and more candidates leverage this new technology to reformat their resumes to match roles, not to mention the rise of bots, spam, and fake applicants.  Hiring teams will now have to navigate a surge of applicants that look super qualified but are in fact not.  As we enter a AI resume scrubbing arms race, companies need a better solution.

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GoodGate is a control layer that sits on top of an ATS that doesn’t just filter out unqualified applicants, but also verifies those that appear qualified. This allows recruiting teams to save time and cost by not having to review endless applicants and instead can engage candidates that are real, qualified and verified, and actually interested in the role.

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